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It is your one-stop-shop for buying the best Indian traditional products. ArtzFly offer 100% high-quality handcrafted attires and lifestyle inspired products, specially designed and made by rural artisans of India. These artisans are purely gifted with the exceptional ability and unique traditional talents to craft extremely exquisite designs and prints that don’t exhibit the taste of India but the culture and heritage.

What Is ArtzFly All About?

ArtzFly has created intending to promote hand-made, and purely nature-friendly arts and crafts. ArtzFly is not an overnight dream, but there is a team of passionate people who have visited rural areas of India to discover the unique traditional talent. We understand the difficulties of rural artisans of no access to technology, and resources to promote and earn from their expertise. That is why we have taken the initiative to find the hard-working local artisans working with traditional or geotagged crafts. We are helping the artisans to reach potential customers.

ArtzFly aims for social entrepreneurship for rural artisans across India, and help the artisans to introduce their products, and improve their economic conditions. Each product we have at our website are from rural artisans that we know.

Our Vision

We want to help and empower the rural artisans of India to promote their talent and earn a great livelihood by enhancing the reach of pure hand-made, top-quality products.

Our Mission

We have created this platform to empower the talented artisans to showcase their exceptional handmade arts and crafts. It is a digital platform that aims to offer customers 100% organic, authentic, and top-class handmade, regional crafts of India.

A Digital Platform

ArtzFly is a digital platform offering Indian artisans from rural areas an opportunity to exhibit their talent, get access to the market, and reach the customers.

Shop With Us

‘We are here to connect the Indian people with their roots. ArtzFly is offering Indian customers access to authentic hand-made products at the best affordable rates.’


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